1. Do not treat this forum as a hacking one. We offer a varity of forums discussing webmastery, and other programming niches however we do not discuss or condone hacking.
  2. Nudity in any format posted on this forum will result in your account being permanently banned.
  3. Advertising any type of forum is not allowed, unless cleared by an administrator. Permanent ban will be issued.
  4. Multi-accounting is not allowed, you are allowed 1 account per IP address. Under special circumstances you could be allowed another account with proper justification, you must however ask an admin before the second account is made.
  5. Reputation abuse of any form isn't allowed this includes and isn't limited to reputation boosting, mass +rep/-rep, and asking for it
  6. Posting low quality content or spamming forums will result in post deletion, warnings, or a ban depending on the severity.