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10-31-17 - Change Log
  • Thread prefix restyled (on forumdisplay)
  • Title and author section of the header has been fixed on mobile
  • Mobile postbit has been styled to fit the new theme (and user stats have been made 1px larger)
  • Mobile navigation dropdown has been added (works, but needs fixing)
  • Quoting style. Old: | New:
  • Broken avatars in profile comments are fixed.
by Howy

Another Changelog
  • New logo has been added to the header, and default avatar has been update to depict new logo
  • Moved some forums around, more condensing, and renaming.
  • Made breadcrumb thinker, and added dividers
  • Donate credits page has been fixed, you should no longer receive an error after donating.
  • More url rewrites (EX: to
by Howy

Bug fixes
  • Remove uppercase (text-transform) from the welcomeblock for the user's username. This is very inconsistent with the actual dropdown, and rest of the top bar.
  • Change "x comments found" to "x comments" on profiles
  • Settings button and post comment button on index and profiles respectively don't use a users themecolor
  • Center recent visitors, and awards
  • Add links to posts so that I can easily copy and paste them
  • Realigned online status on profile (status floats left, while what you're browsing flows right)
  • Better pagination for showthread.php at the top
  • Change logo to NOT use imgur (can't see logo on school wifi )
  • Ribbons on the end of staff userbars
  • Higher daily post goal
  • Link to userbar customization for Emerald users in User CP (I haven't been able to find it, and don't think I'd be able to if my life depended on it
by Howy

Codebase rehaul
Started working on the codebase rehaul.

Some of the things that have changes
  • PSR-4 Autoloading of files
  • Using the env libary to store config values
  • Cleared out some older code
  • Started separating concerns in classes that have been bundled with everything
by Rob

10/7/17 - Changes
Here are some of the changes I've made today.
  • Moved some forums around, mainly condensed standard forums into subforums.
  • Redesign of awards
  • Moved all threads from Change Log forum into Announcements. Closed all threads, and redirected forum to this page.
by Howy